Yeti Restaurant

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The famous Yeti Restaurant is located in the other end, north end of Pokahra Lakeside.  This place may serve the most 'honest dal bhat I have ever eaten', that is a direct quote from some famous hippie travellers from the 1980's.  This ia family run place brimming with spirt you can rent boats here to. But don't tell anyone because it's so cheap and the other may get angry. Try there peanut muesli with fruit curd. You will be crying with joy.

Did we mention this the cheap place to rent a non-government row canoe? The CHEAPEST!! in Pokhara? Yes we did...



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0 # sharma chriatopher 2014-04-23 14:29
yes, you must try the old yeti restaurant on the north of lakeside, just by the aeroplane near the fewa lake in khahare! quite place, sunshine n shade, lake n mountains view, movies on demand, free wifi, backup during power cuts, and guess what? yummy food with a great smile and amazing hospitality all at a cheap menu!
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