Get to Pokhara Lakeside?

Pokhara Lakeside - Trekking

By Plane: There is only a domestic airport in Pokhara (There are plan to build an international airport that will scare all the birds away.)

  • Domestic flight run daily depending on the weather Kathmandu to Pokhara,  Pokhara to Kathmandu. Price is $60 low season and around $99 in high season.
  • International flight from Kathmandu go mainly to New Delhi, Calcutta or Bangkok. There are also direct flight to Mumbai. Kathmandu is also connect directly to many Chinese, Korean and middle eastern cities.

Generally you will find that flights via New Delhi/ Kathmandu are most convenient but tourist do require a visa for India.

Once your in Kathmandu to most common way to get to Pokhara Lakeside is by bus. There are three options you can consider.

  • 1. Tourist bus. There are variety of tourist bus that cost around 350NPRs-500NPRs. You can buy these ticket from a travel agent or just go down to the tourist bus park before 8:00am and buy a ticket directly from the driver.  These buses may or may not be in condition, will stop at least 2 or 3 times and take approximately 7-8 hours to reach Pokhara.
  • Greenline Buses are considered to be the best quality and safest buses to travel with. There is an office in Pokhara Lakeside you can buy the tickets there.


Mini-Bus and Micro Bus to Pokhara or Kathmandu. If you miss the morning bus there is another option are the frequent and much faster Mini-Buses, usually a Toyota Hiace.  These buses are used by locals and leave from Kalanki Bus Park a ways outside of Thamel and Kathmandu (about 250Rs taxi.) The mini-buses only take 4.5-5 hours to make the journey. This is not a bad option the mini buses are usually new with good brakes.

These buses do waste a lot of time picking up people and waiting to get a completely filled bus before the leaves, so less than perfect.

Local buses will take 8-10 hours and not recommend because they will stop endlessly.

Getting to Pokhara from India

A common way to get to Pokhara is directly by land from India. The benefit is that it much cheaper and you can avoid Kathmandu all together. There are a number of border entery points, the most common is via Gorakpur and Sunauli near Lumbini.

Train to Gorakpur station in Uttar Pradesh, it will take about 8-12 hour to Varanasi. From Gorakpur there are shared jeeps that will be FILLED with up to 15 people, one seat is around 350Rs, it will take 5 hours to Sunauli the border town in Nepal. From Sunauli you can get your visa for Nepal and catch another local bus to Pokhara. This bus will not be pleasant and take around 10 hours. Another option is take a side trip to Lumbinin about 25km away. From Lumbini there may be 'tourist buses' running directly to Pokhara. If there is a group of you it may be worth it inquire about a taxi directly to Pokhara, that should be less than 7000NPRS.