Best Cake in Pokhara?

Best Cake in Pokhara


Caffe Concerto Pizzeria Restaurant

South Lakeside - Restaurants South

Tired of the same old same old lakeside Italian fair?  Look no more - you will be swept away from Pokhara this evening - welcome to real Italian food in Nepal at Caffe Concerto Pizzeria Restaurant.  Someone took some time and care into their food and you can taste in every bite and they were not Nepali.  The Italian run restaurant has been has been around since Brian Adams sang 'summer of '69' and it even gets better.
Recently renovated Caffe Concert in Pokhara lakeside is a halmark, you feel like your not in Nepal anymore, great Italian style Pizza, ambience,  jazz music and desserts (including home made Gelato) and cakes of course cappuccino do not fail to impress.  The nights are kept warm by a patio fire, it may be hard to leave.

The Italian owners have been busy with one of Pokhara Lakesides premier hotels,  Temple Tree Resort.



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